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¿Canario del Mundo? (¿Canario of the World? – english version)

marzo 6, 2014

My name is Ronald Montserrat Pérez Hernández, I am a Venezuelan – Spanish 33 years old, born in Caracas and living on Madrid at this moment. I am Chemical Engineer with successful experience leading departments of Operations, Marketing, Sales and Production, improving my journey through the 2.0 world, the Social Media Management and improving as Community Manager.

The original intent of this blog is to develop  daily experience topics from my perspective, generating an opinion on various topics like life, society, culture, politics, sports among many other issues, with respect and without fanaticism because I don´t want to hurt feelings.

I am fan of Real Madrid, Los Leones del Caracas, The Chicago Bulls and Ferrari. I like read and listen music. I am enthusiastic, committed to my ideals and use walking to meditate, think and dream about goals and how to reach them …

However, why the name of the blog?, why Canario del mundo? (Canario of the world) (canario: people from Canary Islands on Spain)

I learned when visiting the Canary Islands on march 2007, that life in the islands is quietest, more focused on living the moment without the distressing reality that consumes time without finishing out the activities planned for the day. I really like Tenerife and the beaches, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, wanting to be a city without losing it´s roots, but I love La Palma, this magnificent union between high mountains with lush vegetation surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and I could understand why called “La Isla Bonita”, I’ve visited sites than appear in the list of places to visit before you die, but La Palma is a place to live before you die, the perfect place to spend the retirement and enjoy the moments that gives you life with the spectacular island climate, considered one of the best climates in the world.

But the real reason for the name of the blog, is my father, born in La Palma, emigrant from his land since he was 16 years old until his 76 (when he dies), he taught us (my 2 sisters and me) that  emigrate searching for new and better opportunities you would not lose your roots, you become a citizen of the world, among his last words that he told to my sisters, my mom and me before he died, were: “enjoy the world and become Canarios del Mundo”, expression with which I identify. I intend to implement for the rest of my life, so today from Madrid where I live, I consider myself UN CANARIO DEL MUNDO.

(PS. from now on I will write on spanish as usual, some in english and in the future I will try on german, be patient)


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2 comentarios
  1. Great to know you are going to start writing in english too.


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